Welcome to the mystic ROOT-Rock of the Angelsharkx

Here you can find all lyrics of the forthcoming album "Under the hanging tree" (Please scroll down)

The ANGELSHARKX live and work in Berlin, a city which has a long an sometimes tragic history.  In Brandenburg, which is surrounding Berlin,  the thirty years war took place in the 17. century and not more than 400 years ago Inquisition and burning of so called witches was on a peak. Everywhere you can find testemonies of the past and so the Angelsharkx deal with stories relevant to the present and their dark, historical stories that match perfectley with their hard and 70s based Rock. 

On their new album "The hanging tree" they completetd their unique style after they have released a good Rock´n Roll debut album in 2019. Mad  Sunday, Guitarplayer singer and Master of Ceremony and Motorcycle Ma opened up a real wide and huge hardrock landscape and have been influenced by the mystic side of Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. But they are also in a poetic sense a political band and this is no surprise looking at the dramatic history of Berlin and Germany. Mad Sunday was born in an area, where his anchestors 2000 years ago  defeteated the roman conquerers for the first time. 

And so the dark side of human nature is the main topic of the album. No need to mention that the ANGELSHARKX have no deal with racism, fashism or any kind of attitude which proclaims that there are humans "more equal" than  others.

1.Adolf is dead

The world was not the same after 39
I thought that we were doing well 
but we´ve  crossed a line 
And it was in russia winter 42
When it was coming to my mind that we all are getting fooled

Refrain: Adolf is dead and I don´t need no mothing fucking adolfs here instead

Fighting in the cold we almost had no food
No winter gear,  no heroes mood
And slowly I came to understand
That we all were under a devils command

And now it´s over the war is gone
I heard he has been shot and poisoned, too
I laughed when I heard that it is true
They couldn´t burn him, oh what a scene, by the lack of gasoline
This is fictive a story about my grandpa who served as a military doctor in Russia during WW II and who has been very badly injured 1942 in Smolensk after he has been send to serve in a field prison camp as a punishment.

2. Metropolis FOOL

Night falls over Berlin - Corona now is almost gone?
But maybe it is coming back - waiting for a new attack
But down in the subway the freaks come out to show
I can´t say that I have missed them
They are on an alltime low

Come down you Metropolis fool

Some are jealous to fall in love  
Some are too angry to get some friends
Some are too noisy to get some sleep
Some are too selfish to get into the deep

Come down you Metropolis Fool
This is to all MF who think it´s cool not to wear a mask in the subway because corona would be a lie and a part of a worlwide conspiracy.

3. I want to loose control

We are going to town tonight
We are going to drink and have a good fight
Days after days have been all the same
But tonight we will even forget our names

Friends and enemies are all the same
All get drunk in this tavern tonight
Nobody wants no one to blame
Tonight we will drink tomorrow we´ll fight

Yeah I want to loose control

So fill the glasses to the brim
We all know we are bound to sin
No one here is better than you
We know what we will gonna do

So don´t talk about what we have done
a sinful live is better than none
And after all we had no choice
We are just soldiers for hire without a voice

So I want to loose control

4. Hanging Tree

Well it´s a bright new morning 
the shadows oft the night
are gone so long oh darling
no matter what they say
We ´ve seen the darkest ages
Men hanging at the trees 
I can´t forget their faces
I still hear their paces
This time we got to hold on
This time we got to be strong
We got to break free
Or meet under the hanging tree

Do you know when we were playing 
Under this old mighty tree
We never thought
They gonna charge one day a hanging fee
We layed all lazy summer under your shade
But when we heard the thunder
It was far too late
This time we got to hold on
This time we got to be strong
We got to break free
Or meet under the hanging tree

Screams of thousands running up the hill
We heard Canons firing from the battlefields
And green hills slowly turned into red
Thirty years of misery
Thirty years of death
This time we got to hold on
This time we got to be strong
We got to break free
Or meet under the hanging tree
This story takes places during the 30 years war on a battlefield which had been their playground as a child and is now the bloody place to hang deserteurs and thieves.

5. Leave the picture on the wall

He was a smart and gentle boy 

on his way to become a man of joy 

But after school he stood all day 

on the market place without delay 

He never aimed to get in trouble 

But wake the dogs and you get it double 

A dreamer of philosophy speeding into a tragedy 

Don´t you hear his call? 

She was a girl that never stopped to get done what she felt is right 

But fighting against a giant´s breath 

Had even made cold hearted mothers cry 

Many have been disapeared 

ripped by men in black 

To fight a foe bigger than you 

comes along a bitter truth 

To all the young people who disappeared fighting for democracy leaving just a picture on the wall of the missing people

6.You add fuel to the Fire

On a fine and sunny day they took all our hope away
They killed a man on the screen
They filled the air with gasoline

And money maker makes the world go round
But today you hear another sound
Screams and fire are in the air
So go on count your money but we don´t care

So you say it was always here
Hatred will never disappear ?
But you add fuel to the fire
Racism is an ugly thing
But it makes the cashbox ring
Cause you add fuel to the fire

Don´t you know the times have changed?
We have it all to rearrange
Injustice is an bland old tune
But revenge is coming soon

A witches cauldron (koldran) is a dangerous thing
Too many psychos in the ring
And in the end all those will die who never had the evil eye
Black live matters but white live too
So much hatred so what we gonna do?
Everything goes down the drain 
All good aims have been in vain

"All men are created equal" 
There is no more to say about that

7. After the blow

We have been in there
For a long time
We heart the screams outside 
But we couldn´t get out
We felt sorry but isn´t it a mighty foe ?
Now we gotta get out of here we got to break through
Cause that´s what we´ll do

Well it´s a new dawn and we are ready for a shuffle
Why don´t you stand up?
Well it´s a new age we got to turn the page
Why don´t you get up?
So come on my love 
we gonna dance with the dead 
no others here instead
We will laugh in his face and let him go 
After the blow

8. Don´t you fear the dark?

Hide in your tower
take a look all way down
from your fifteen rooms penthouse its easy to love this town

Along the ships in the harbour
For the rich and the queens
just a mile down west
It quite another scene

People are struggling to get a life
In plastic bag houses that wont stand a knife

So how can you say
It's their own fault
Rich become richer
Poor getting caught

Dont you fear the dark
Only a shot away only a shot away?

You see the faces
Hope is long gone
Winners and loosers
Under the same sun

And anyone who dares
To proclaim that its wrong
Is just a bad dreamer
so do what you always do
ignore it
Until it is gone

9. She will burn

White fog glided through the trees 
Ghost guards danced in the forest 
She was brought into the swamps 
For the final testimony

Nobody will ever really know 
what she did, nor why the master said 
she had to go 
She was so beautiful 
She had long golden hair 
Her eyes were bright blue 
But they would not change 
cause they were poisoned long ago 
Inprisoned in their selfish minds 
There is no turning back no return
She will burn 

But then a good man raised his voice and shouted: we still have a choice and the Inquisition for a second hold its breath and voice
But they knew it wouldn't be for long 
And the master spoke: 
Let's take her to the swamps and we'll see if she will drown 
But when she with returns, it's official 
She is guilty without return
and they will make her burn 

 9. Thunderball Lightning

I see a black wall coming down but it can´t stop me anyway 
I feel the thunder all around but you should listen what I say 
I saw some angels touch the ground and devils who sometimes like to pray 
I heard brave men cry because most legends are a lie 

You won´t stop me I am on a cannon ball run 
A loose canon, a heavy supersonic gun 

Dangerous and frightnening 
Like a thunder ball lightning 

I´ve known many who saw it coming down 
Most have been taken by surprise 
I have seen their astonishment 
like question marks in their eyes 
But my bullet hasn´t been made up to this day 
And some night it gonna find me anyway 
But not now I am on the left fast lane 
Unstopable and back in the game 

10. Cap and Ball 45

Don´t wont a pumpgun
Don´t need a thommy gun
Only blackpowder is the deal for having fun
Thunder and lightning 
is rolling round the stage
This is for cool ones 
Dont get in a rage

This is a shootout
But we all get out alive
Just having fun
With my cap and ball 45

Well I am a pazifist 
but that doesnt mean
That I don´t like rifles
And a sixgun/ revolving magazine
when it comes to showdown
I don´t get in a rush
Cause I´ve got time
Standing at the firing line

This is a shootout
But we all get out alive
Just having fun
With my cap and ball 45

11. Waiting for Changes

Time is going by waiting for changes
Time is going by waiting for peace
Time is going by loading the weapons
Time is going by and fighting humans desease

But don´t tell me everybody is doing fine
Many of us who have to cross the line
So tell me now in which world do you want to live?
Don´t you know the world got to go through changes

Time is running low to choose the answers
Time is running out to get on the track
Business man drinking your wine
Vanity cheaters holding the line

But don´t tell everybody here is doing fine 
Everyday someone has to cross the line
Heaven is nearer to hell as most people will tell
A human being is no colored thing

Some just don´t believe it´s time for action
They just think it´s just a fake
But time will come after hell had break loose
when there is nothing to choose

12. Blue Diamond

13. Warchild

First he used to run 
Just because his mother did 
after they shot his father 
They ran until the sun went down 
and the shadows became monsters 
And the monsters became alive
They had got fire in their eyes and teeth sharp as knives
When his mother could no longer run he became a wolf himself 
He ran until he found a pack 
He didn´t cared about someone else

Here is a warchild coming on the run

Then he was hunting those who were running 
His rifle was his best friend 
But there was still too much good in him he hadn't forgotten in the end
So he kept on running towards the border line 
because everything was better than living here in sin and crime
Even death was an option when his feet stopped to run
And he ran until he was squeezed into an almost sinking boat and waited for death, 
but even then he wasn´t bowed
And when he finally arrived in paradise, 
some saw the wolf in his eyes who has to be killed 
And then he understood no matter how far 
he would had gone he was born to run

14. We´ll never ride shotgung to hell