MATT SUNDAY: Musician, Writer, Author, Social Worker and Biker. Matt plays his guitar since over twenty years on stage and is mainly influenced by Hendrix, Blackmore and Page. As a Songwriter he is influenced by Rock´n Roll bands from AC/DC to Zeppelin, but also "black" Music like Blues, Soul and Rap and Oriental Music. When it Comes to lyrics he is strongly influenced by Protestsinger/ Songwriter like Dylan, Young or Gil Scott-Heron and german and english/ american literature.  In the Ninenties he started with heavy Bluesrock and his band Desolation Row until he played oriental influenced Rock all over Europe with singer Jazzmine. 

JAZZMINE: Born in Baghdad, raised in Algeria and Germany she is a musician all her life. She is a female singer, pianoplayer, social worker and artist. She started with traditional oriental music and was strongly influenced by rockmusic when she was living in Chicago. She toured together with Matt in the multi-ethnic band DeeQuier and in 2015 they started to play heavy Bluesrock and Rock´n Roll again as a main band. She is influenced by Folk- and Soulsingers like Janis Joplin, Amy Whinehouse and Billy Holiday.

RUFUS AND RAGE: What are Friends for? When they heard that Matt and Jazzmine wanted to reactivate their hardrocking roots they didn´t hestitated a second to support their music fellas in the Studio and on stage. They played together for many years and so Rufus and Rage knew perfectley what their Friends needed. 


It´s time to make some noise!